Tulsa County Assessor receives a perfect audit

The Oklahoma Tax Commission, on behalf of the State Board of Equalization, has completed its annual performance audit of all 77 county assessor offices and reported its results to the Board on December 1st.  The Tulsa County Assessor is announcing that his office has achieved a perfect score of 100 percent, receiving 275 out of a possible 275 points on the audit.

This is the second year in a row the Tulsa County Assessor has achieved a perfect score.

“Our people take their training very seriously,” said Tulsa County Assessor Ken Yazel. “We have a professional staff that understands they work for the Tulsa County taxpayers, and they are committed to performing according to the standards set out in their training.  To get a perfect score on the audit is very difficult.  To do so two years in a row is outstanding and a credit to our staff.”

The performance audit rigorously measures several functions within the assessor’s office, with a major focus on testing whether the values are accurate and equalized throughout the county.  This is the primary responsibility of any assessor, and scoring well on the performance audit reassures taxpayers that the assessor is faithfully executing these responsibilities.