Tulsa finally begins enforcing certain DT parking meters

The City of Tulsa has finally begun enforcement for metered parking in the Brady Arts District Downtown as part of a parking meter pilot program.

By ordinance, metered parking throughout downtown, including the Brady Arts District and the Hillcrest Hospital District can be enforced Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Parking inspectors will also continue to enforce illegal parking before and after enforcement hours throughout Tulsa for individuals parking in loading zones, no parking zones, handicapped parking without a placard, spaces not identified for parking, etc.

In the Brady Arts District, 21 Parking Pay Stations are available with a two-hour limit for parking. Citizens can pay for parking with a credit card or coins or using a mobile application.

The City of Tulsa has been looking at an overall parking meter plan for years in downtown Tulsa as most of the current parking meters are considerably outdated, inoperable or ineligible for repair and replacement.

Over time, the goal is to have all of the antiquated parking meters updated to one centralized meter and management system. Eventually, the City hopes to have a mixture of single space meters and electronic Parking Pay Stations that work together on one platform with all of the types of parking spaces in Tulsa, such as the new back-in parking.