Tulsa is trying new parking meters

The City of Tulsa is in the process of testing equipment for new parking pay station meters. Three of the vendors’ proposals were selected and will offer a free three-month trial to see what works best for Tulsa.

The three selected vendors will be installing seven Parking Pay Station meters each for a total of 21 in the Brady Arts District. The Brady Arts District was selected for this pilot program due to the absence of regulated parking in the area.

The City of Tulsa has been looking at an overall parking meter plan for years in downtown Tulsa as most of the current parking meters are considerably outdated, inoperable or ineligible for repair and replacement.

All three meters that are included in the pilot testing are solar powered, self-sustaining and include on-screen instructions for the user. The new meters also offer the user a variety of payment methods that the current system doesn’t allow such as payment at the meter by credit card, calling a phone number or by using a mobile application on a cell phone.

After the three-month trial period is over, Tulsa will choose a vendor that meets the meter usage standards, which include: customer/user evaluations, durability in Tulsa’s climate, collections and enforcement, back-end software and maintenance and support. Once the meter vendor is selected, the city will begin buying meters.

Although funding is currently not available to replace the entire parking meter system in the city, maintenance will continue on the old meters as needed to maintain the systems’ integrity.

Over time, the goal is to have all of the antiquated parking meters updated to one centralized meter and management system. Eventually, the city hopes to have a mixture of single-space meters and electronic Parking Pay Station meters that work together on one platform with all of the types of parking spaces in Tulsa, such as the new back-in parking.

For information, call 918-596-2100.