Tulsa Leaders’ Essays: Amanda Teegarden

Most of the last 10 years of my life have been spent on legislative analysis and issue advocacy in Oklahoma. What I recognized early on was the lack of common-sense Christian involvement in the very arena that affects us so directly – public policy.

This past year has confirmed that some think life, marriage, and what it means to be human are transient concepts, subject to change.

Christians know that life begins at conception; science confirms it, yet Planned Parenthood is still open for business. Marriage is between a man and a woman, the proven bedrock of any stable society, yet some Christians are wavering.   And some people believe that gender is somehow fluid and changeable – male today, female tomorrow.  Why does it seem Christians are losing these battles?

Too often Christians have confined their activities to one day a week within the confines of a church building, purposely avoiding the important issues facing us today.  We’re seeing the results of that lack of civic engagement.  It is past time for Christians to get off the pew and get involved in the public arena.

Our posterity is depending on us.

Amanda Teegarden

Former Executive Director of OK-SAFE, Inc.

Republican Candidate for Senate District 39