Tulsa Leaders’ Essays: Commissioner John Doak

Oklahomans always rise up when faced with a challenge.

That was evident against in 2015. Tornadic activity was limited but the number of earthquakes – although most were light in intensity – soared. State officials and Oklahoma’s energy industry are hard at work to minimize the damage. At the Oklahoma Insurance Department, we encourage citizens to check their homeowner policies and consult with their licensed agent or broker to discuss if they should purchase earthquake endorsement.

Education is the key to understanding your insurance coverage.

We work to keep Oklahomans informed on how to gain access to insurance, especially when the government is involved.

Health insurance is becoming more and more complicated and expensive. We travel the entire state to help.

With the drop in the price of oil and natural gas, Oklahoma will have a budget shortfall in 2016. Ever since I took office, we have worked to cut costs and make our department more efficient. Those efforts have paid off in savings of thousands of dollars.

Our hope for Oklahoma in 2016 is for health, strong economic growth and a brighter future for the next generation.

Contact the Oklahoma Insurance Department at 1-800-522-0071 for help with insurance needs.