Tulsa Leaders’ Essays: J. Michael Ritze, D.O. M.F.S.A.

Americans and Oklahomans are blessed.

There is work to be done in 2016.  Our nation and state must deal with threats to our health, safety and prosperity while facing the prospect of economic and terrorist danger from abroad.

As our federal government opens the floodgate of immigrants through blanket amnesty, the danger of disease and epidemics increase.

Americans are beginning to feel the full impact of Obamacare as they see higher premiums, larger deductibles and fewer choices in health care. The hope is that Congress repeal this onerous, over-reaching legislation.

Some activist judges are ignoring the Constitution and our laws to arbitrarily force social change that is contrary to the will of the majority of Americans and against our founding principles. The only way to change the Constitution is through amendments, not judicial whim. We do not need an Article V Constitutional Convention – the Constitution is fine as is.

Judges stop laws to limit abortion and change the definition of marriage.

And we need to restore the Ten Commandments Monument to the Oklahoma Capitol grounds with the passage of House Joint Resolution 1036.

I have traveled the nation and spoken before local groups that share these concerns about federal controls. We are not alone.

You have my word I won’t step away from these challenges.

From my wife Connie, my family and myself, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and may God bless you in 2016.