Tulsa Leaders’ Essays: James A. Williamson

2015 is now over and 2016 offers us a historic opportunity to positively change the direction of our country with the election of a new president.  I am sure you agree that we must do everything we can to avoid 4 to 8 years of Hillary Clinton as president.

This starts with unity.  We are currently in a spirited primary with a number of quality candidates vying for the Republican nomination.  Whoever we decide to support, we cannot allow this primary to be divisive.  Remember, other Republicans overwhelmingly share our values, and the very future of our nation is at stake.

Let us join together in praying for our country and our leaders; for our country to retain its moral compass and be safe and secure.  We must actively support those candidates who agree with our vision for America.  This is our mission individually and jointly as One Nation Under God, and it lies just ahead of us.

May God give us the courage to see it through.