Tulsa Leaders’ Essays: Rep. Chuck Strohm

I want to begin by thanking the voters of District 69 (Jenks, Bixby and South Tulsa) for asking me to represent them at the State Capitol. Words cannot express what an honor and privilege it has been to serve the people of our great state. During the last legislative session (my first), I had the opportunity to work alongside many gifted and talented legislators from all over the state.  I also had the opportunity to battle against the establishment as they tried to grow government and spend money we don’t have on things like the Indian Cultural Center and Pop Museum. What a learning experience it was!

I repeatedly stood with Traditional Marriage and Family because Oklahomans overwhelmingly support the Judeo-Christian values that this nation was founded upon. I proudly opposed giving raises to Oklahoma judges who continually undermine the voice of the people by legislating from the bench and I will be supporting legislation that changes how our judges are appointed and retained. After serving on the common education committee, it has become apparent that we will not fix the education problems of our state through central planning and over-regulation.  We will fix them by unleashing the power of the American Spirit and the creativity of our teachers.  That is why I support less regulation for the public schools in conjunction with school choice and education savings accounts.

As promised, I supported legislation that strengthened our 2nd Amendment rights, fought Federal overreach, made Oklahoma more business friendly and found ways to improve education. This effort has earned me the prestigious honor be being named the Freshman Conservative House Member of the Year. In this upcoming session, you can count on me to fight for Constitutional Conservative ideas and raise the banner for traditional values because these are the values of the Oklahoma people.

May God Bless Oklahoma and may God Bless these United States of America..