Tulsa Leaders’ Essays: Rep. Michael Rogers

It was a privilege to serve the citizens of my district in the Oklahoma House for this first time in 2015. I appreciate all the support, well wishes and prayer.

It’s time once again to roll up our sleeves and go to work.

First, we must put our fiscal house in order. State government has gotten bigger and bigger. As we face inevitable budget shortfalls, agencies must become more efficient with spending tax money. That has to happen.

The answer is not higher taxation. We can eliminate unproductive tax credits and still promote economic development.

Secondly, we need to protect the unborn in Oklahoma. The horrible videos of the abortion provided that we saw last year just reinforce the need to protect the innocent.

Oklahomans want marriage to be between one man and one woman. They want a return to values that have evaporated due to activist judges.

Our people want to be safe and to keep their guns (a constitutional right).

I am ready to serve. Please contact me with your concern.

I expect great things in 2016.