Tulsa Leaders’ Essays: Senator Nathan Dahm

The year ahead will be just like every other year: it is a year of opportunity. Most who are aware of the projected budget shortfall for the State of Oklahoma see it only in a negative way. The reality is that it will provide many opportunities for our state to lay out a plan for the future rather than always being responsive to things from the past.

We have the opportunity to refocus the agencies and bureaucracies away from their main focus of self-preservation and back on the individuals they are here to serve. We can return government to its proper roles, such as securing our inalienable rights as the Declaration of Independence so eloquently put it. We must provide full protection to the right to life, as well as restoring the right to self defense so it is no longer infringed upon anywhere in Oklahoma. The opportunity is before us to make Oklahoma a beacon of freedom and liberty.

As with any great opportunities, there will be great battles; but out of great battles come great victories. The opportunities are ours; the results are what we make of the opportunities before us. I believe that Oklahoma’s best days are before us, and therefore my focus is ahead on all the opportunities the future holds.