Tulsa Leaders’ Essays: Steve Kunzweiler

1 John 3:18    Children, let us love not in word or speech, but in deed and truth.

As a husband, father and prosecutor I have come to believe that the most valued of all of our possessions is truth.  In our relationship with God, it is uniquely possessed by each one of us.  Regardless of what is spoken, God knows.

This past year the prosecutors in my office did a lot of truth sharing with our community.  We formed specialized teams for homicide, sex crimes, robberies and child abuse so that the truth of those who were victimized could be made known.  This past year the truth revealed multiple victims whose homelessness, drug addiction, poverty and loneliness became the fuel for evil.

Every day my prosecutors are asked to get on the same level as their victims.  Many come to our office with broken hearts, empty stomachs and lost hope.  We try to save what remains of their human dignity.

This next year we will strive to improve upon the successes we have built.  We will pray for mercy upon the victims of our community – both seen and unseen.  We will continue to reveal the truth.