Tulsa Leaders’ Essays: Tom McCLoud

Every year we toast and tell each other that the New Year is going to be our best. This year, I believe it!  Sure, oil prices are low and the state deficit is high, but nonetheless, 2016 should be a great year.

Why? Because our sleeping, yet giant economy has been aching to be unleashed for seven years and the hopes of a Republican administration should be enough to arouse it. And, if you believe Boone Pickens, even though his predicted $70 per barrel oil price obviously hasn’t happened, the combination of growing demand and decreased supply will eventually bring prices back up to normal levels.

I trust our Republican governor and Republican-led Oklahoma Legislature to make the cuts necessary to get us through this rough spot. And, as difficult as it will be, the exercise should prepare Oklahoma to cash in once the trouble is finally in the rear view mirror.

So take courage Oklahoma! Though I am not a gambler, I believe it is a good time to double down. The 2016 economy is destined to come roaring back and carry Oklahoma with it!