Editorial: Tulsa pays more for Obamacare

Obamacare is causing problems with Tulsa’s city government.

Prices for health care for city employees have risen so dramatically under President Obama’s socialist Obamacare system that officials are looking for cheaper alternatives.

With Obamacare, Tulsa is asking its employees to pay more and more for the same coverage every year. They are getting fewer benefits and paying more.The health policies are essentially becoming catastrophic health care.

And the increased costs for the city are not part of a budget that has seen no growth in sales tax revenue. Once again, city financial “experts” missed on calculations.

So, those higher costs have to be passed along to employees.

Obama promised universal health care and that costs would go down. Years later, costs are through the roof, deductibles are soaring and businesses and government has a hard time offering health plans that are worthwhile.

One option for the city would be to self insure. The problem with that is that it takes a huge amount of cash to jump to a self insurance. The budget commitment would  be enormous.

And because sales tax shows no growth, adding a budget item as big as self insurance would be a budget buster. There was a time when Tulsa self insured but they discovered it was more cost effective and efficient to use private insurers.

Now, private insurers all over the nation are getting out of writing health policies because of the overregulation and added expense of Obamacare.

America used to have the best health care in the world. Obama’s drive to single-payer, socialized medicine in Obamacare is destroying that system.

And that is clearly seen in Tulsa’s city government.