Editorial: Tulsa promotes homosexuality

Tulsa is becoming a hub for homosexual activism and the liberal news media and city officials won’t miss an opportunity to promote that immoral lifestyle.

An unidentified vandal fired a pellet gun at the massive homosexual headquarters downtown and the Tulsa World and the local TV news casts acted as if the world had ended.

That ginned up public opinion and the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center got thousands of dollars of fresh donations so they could install “bullet-resistant” glass windows.

Really? Someone fires a pellet gun at an empty building and thousands of dollars are donated to put homosexuals behind bulletproof glass? What is wrong with Tulsa?

Earlier this month, the homosexual crowd celebrated the donations and building improvements which include a kitchen and a medical clinic. (Actually, a medical clinic is a good idea because homosexuality and sexually transmitted diseases go hand in hand). Mayor G.T. Bynum, who has no problem at least tacitly approving homosexual behavior, showed up for a cocktail party inside the bullet-resistant windows. The liberal Tulsa World and the TV stations had glowing reports about the “horrible oppression” of homosexuals in Tulsa and how the “decent folks” in our community rallied to raise thousands of dollars to keep these sexual deviants protected.

And now, with the conspiracy of silence from the newspapers, magazines, radio and TV, voters accidentally elected a lesbian to the Oklahoma Senate.

Homosexuals have the same rights as any Americans when it comes to personal protection and property safety. That is not the issue.  This center is just another clear indicator of Tulsa falling into a moral abyss.

It is a public shame.