Tulsa Public Schools lead the state in failure in testing

28% of failed schools in TPS

More than one in four of the failing schools in Oklahoma are in Tulsa Public Schools as 52 schools got an “F” in the 2015 A-F Report Cards from the Oklahoma Department of Education.

That’s 28 percent of all the Fs in the state. In contrast, Oklahoma City had only 34 Fs (19 percent of the statewide total).

The OSDE determines the grades using a formula that had been mandated by a 2013 state law.

Eleven TPS schools saw their scores worsen. McLain High School and Central High School both went from Ds to Fs.

State School Superintendent Joy Hofmeister discounted the high failure rate and blamed the rating system rather than the level of public education.

“I am committed to a system of accountability that is accurate, reliable and meaningful,” Hofmeister said.

“In its current form, the A-F Report Cards are too flawed to be useful. I am optimistic that we can have a better system.”

In Oklahoma, the number of schools that got A’s (212) fell by 72 while the number that got F’s declined by 13 schools.

Statewide this year, there were 212 As, 497 Bs, 536 Cs, 333 Ds and 183 Fs. In the 2014-15 school year, there were 284 As, 470 Bs, 492 Cs, 292 Ds and 196 Fs.

About 70 percent of Tulsa schools failed.

“The report cards in their current format are not meaningful, and I am supportive of State Superintendent Hofmeister’s desire to make improvements to the system,” Tulsa Superintendent Deborah Gist said.   “Much of the growth in student performance we see in the classroom is not reflected in the calculation of the school A-F school grades.

“Our district uses a system of multiple measures to guide teaching and address specific student needs. I am thankful every day for our dedicated teachers who embrace this difficult work.”

Five high schools – Central, Hale, McLain, Met and Traice – failed with F’s. Central and McLain both dropped from a D to an F this year while Hale has failed the last two years after getting a D+ in 2013.

Washington is the only Tulsa high school that got an A score and Edison is the only school that managed a B. Memorial and Will Rogers high schools both got ’s.

Ten Tulsa middle school/junior highs failed. Carver Middle School was the only one with an A score. Thoreau Demonstration Academy got the only B and Edison Middle School managed the only C.

The results for the Tulsa elementary schools were dismal – the worst in the state.

Thirty-six elementary schools failed with an F score. Bell, Columbus, Cooper, Grimes, Owen, Penn Remington, Springdale and Wright elementaries have all gone from Ds to Fs in the last three years.

Hawthorne Elementary scored a C- after two years of Fs and Lindbergh Elementary went from an F last year to a D- this year.

The Dual Language Elementary was graded for the first time and got an F.

Eisenhower Elementary, Henry Zarrow Elementary and Carnegie Elementary all got A’s.

Five elementary schools – Eliot, Grissom, Patrick Henry, Lanier and Lee – got Bs. Lee had the biggest jump of any Tulsa schools, from a D in 2014 to a B in 2015.

Four elementaries – Mayo Demonstration Academy, Hoover, Lewis and Clark and Salk – scored Cs.