Tulsa shooting was handled well while riots broke out in Charlotte

It seems to me that there is a continuing use of any incident or incidents by the media (the actual mouthpieces of the Democrat National Committee) to divert the attention of the public away from the visible shortcomings of their candidate, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton. Current examples in evidence are the two recent “cop killings of unarmed black men” in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Tulsa.

In Charlotte, there were rather massive riots immediately showing up on the TV screens and in the radio news. Soon there were police reports that up to 70 percent of those worst rioters arrested were from out of state. Oh, and how did they show up so quickly and all prepared with bull horns and signs to proceed with fires and looting? Could it be that the usual such incident financial backers, such as George Soros, had a hand in this? The usual chant of “Black lives matter” showed up and when the truth of the situation came out, that it was that the decedent was a black man with a criminal record, possessing a gun and smoking pot (which increased the illegality). Further on it developed that the cop was also black and the chief of police is black, yet the cry was “cops killed an innocent black man.”

Meanwhile in Tulsa, much to the surprise and chagrin of those hoping for more diversion from the political campaign, the shooter was a white female Tulsa police officer and the black man who was unarmed but acting in a suspicious manner. His vehicle was parked in the middle of a street, blocking traffic and with the engine running while he was some distance away acting in a “strange manner” according to at least two 911 callers. Further, his car was found to have some PCP drug in it, again illegal.

To their credit, the local black community turned to their churches and the clergy preached peace and prayer. Thus, Tulsa quickly became a nonissue for the national media and more or less forgotten. That is, except for almost immediately, a lawyer, also black, was seen on a local TV news spouting that the “officer should be immediately arrested and jailed.” He seemed to have forgotten that in the United States, supposedly a nation of the rule of law, anyone is presumed innocent until declared guilty in a court of law. It seemed to me that he was attempting to stir up trouble here. He claimed to be a past president of the National Bar Association. No confirmation of that claim has been forthcoming so far.

Now, reportedly on advise of counsel, the family have, successfully, requested that the Rev. Al Sharpton come here. Maybe because that is in keeping with his propensity to be present before, not after, riots begin. Nothing has come to my attention that those in the national media have ever used the local term for our area – “the buckle of the Bible belt.” Yes, our churches, black, white, Christian, Jewish, and independent of whatever, are at the forefront in instilling in those attending a sense of civility sadly missing in some other parts of the nation. That seems particularly prevalent in areas where communist/socialist Democrats and militant unions have been in local control for decades. Along that line, it should be noted that in each of the last two presidential elections, there was not even one county in Oklahoma that had a majority vote for PRESBO. Maybe that fact is behind his administration seeming to have it in for the fossil fuel industries of coal, natural gas and oil that provide a majority of the tax revenue to the state and local governments. This attitude seems to even filter down to the decisions rendered in treatment of our tribal governments where inordinate delays in decisions on drilling on tribal lands have occurred. And he has not allowed construction to proceed on the north section of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to Cushing.