Tulsa supplies a lot of drinking water

The City of Tulsa, as part of last week’s National Drinking Water Week (May 7-13), encouraged citizens to drink more water.

“It’s so easy to take good water for granted that people forget how big a part reliable water plays in our lives and in the essential services we all rely on,” said Clayton Edwards, Water and Sewer director.

Water & Sewer Department workers took a 20-foot water trailer on a public education “tour,” and visited three parks on  May 11.

The Tulsa water trailer has a 600-gallon water reservoir in a refrigerated compartment that feeds six spigots, four drinking water fountains and two dog bowls. The trailer can also pull water from a hydrant. In the event of a disaster, the trailer can also be used to provide temporary emergency water for Tulsans.

Here some facts about Tulsa’s drinking water:

  • Tulsa supplies drinking water to more than 139,600 metered accounts in the city. In addition, wholesale water service is provided to eight suburban communities and nine rural water districts, for a total population served of more than 600,000 people in the metropolitan area.
  • Tulsa has two water treatment plants – Mohawk and A.B. Jewell – that can treat 220 million gallons of water per day (MGD). Tulsa’s water distribution system consists of 2,237 miles of underground water lines, thousands of valves, 146,000 water meters, 16,350 hydrants, 12 pump stations and 12 treated water storage reservoirs in the Tulsa city limits.
  • Average water consumption in the Tulsa area is 102 million gallons per day. Individual consumption equates to 80–100 gallons of water per day, on average.