Tulsa Tech enrollment is increasing

Enrollment at Tulsa Tech has grown to nearly 1,000 students in schools throughout Tulsa County in programs such as Pre-Engineering, Web Design, and Manufacturing.

“Tulsa Tech recognizes that many students want to train for the career of their future but struggle with scheduling for a multitude of reasons,” said Dr. Steve Tiger, Tulsa Tech Superintendent and CEO. “With the many demands placed upon our partner schools, we’ve worked in tandem to expand career training in the high school setting. Accommodating busy schedules and eliminating travel time is now a necessary level of convenience for some of our students that participate in extra-curricular activities or have expanded class loads.”

The off-campus programs in area high schools will again expand for the 2017-18 school year, with five more sites adding career training programs. The additions to the off-campus programs include Foundations of App Development at Catoosa High School, Foundations of Engineering at Collinsville High School and Skiatook High School, along with Foundations of Manufacturing at Charles Page High School and East Central High School.

In over 50 years, Tulsa Tech has grown from a one campus vocational school that started under the guidance of Tulsa Public Schools, to an independent school district with six campuses and 17 off-campus programs. Today, Tulsa Tech is the largest technology center of Oklahoma’s CareerTech system, training over 5,000 full-time adult and high school students, as well as nearly 10,000 part-time enrollments, and even thousands more employees involved in customized corporate training and consulting services.