Editorial: Tulsa World and Indian casinos

The liberal Tulsa World, owned and controlled by billionaire atheist Warren Buffet, loves tribal casinos, discounting the social damage they do and promoting their “economic impact.”

It’s not hard to conclude that the newspaper’s favorable opinion, which is expressed both on the editorial pages and mixed in with “hard news” coverage, is based on the hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of dollars the casinos spend in advertising.

Do the casinos help the economy?

Not really.

The World cites a study of tribal gambling in the state by Oklahoma City University’s Steven C. Agee Economic Research and Policy Institute that shows that state casinos directly or indirectly support 37,000 jobs with over a billion dollars in wages. Of course, that study was paid for by the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association, so you can bet the results were only released for public relations purposes.

They claim gambling pumps $6 billion into the state economy with 23,000 actual casino jobs.

All gambling does is transfer money and wealth from one group – usually poor Oklahomans – to another group (including out-of-state companies).

Imagine if those 23,000 employees were employed in making things or provided needed services. That would have an economic impact far greater than gambling.

Oklahoma lives are being destroyed every day by tribal gambling and the state lottery. Those stories are being ignored by liberal media outlets like the Tulsa World and KOTV because they don’t want to lose gambling advertising.

Tribal members who care about the future of this state should steer the tribes out of the gambling business. And the public should discount reports from the liberal media that is in the back pocket of organized gambling.