U.S. finally recognizes Middle Eastern Christian genocide

On March 17, Secretary of State John Kerry finally responded to demands that the United States would recognize that Christians were facing genocide in the Middle East.  This came in large part to a report from the Knights of Columbus and In Defense of Christians entitled, “Genocide against Christians in the Middle East.”

The report concludes that genocide is, in fact, purposely being carried out against Christians and others, as ISIS is conducting a cleansing of Christians from the Middle East and beyond.  Here are but a few things mentioned in the report:

From the official ISIS magazine Dabiq, which is named for the place they believe a final battle against Rome and the “Crusader army”, it states:

“We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses and enslave your women, by the permission of Allah, the Exalted. This is His promise to us; He is glorified and He does not fail in His promise. If we do not reach that time, then our children and grandchildren will reach it, and they will sell your sons as slaves at the slave market.

“Finally, this certainty is the one that should pulse in the heart of every mujahid from the Islamic State and every supporter outside until he fights the Roman crusaders near Dabiq.”

“And nothing changes for the Islamic State, as it will continue to pronounce takfir (abandonment of Islam) upon the Jews, the Christians, the pagans and the apostates from the Rafidah, the Nusayriyyah, the Sahwah and the tawaghi [disbelievers]. It will continue to wage war against the apostates until they repent from apostasy. It will continue to wage war against the pagans until they accept Islam. It will continue to wage war against the Jewish state until the Jews hide behind their gharqad trees. And it will continue to wage war against the Christians until the truce decreed sometime before the Malhamah. Thereafter, the slave markets will commence in Rome by Allah’s power and might.”

Elsewhere, it states that Egyptians should “terrorize the Jews and burn the slaves of the Cross.”

Christian women are being forced into sexual slavery and are being placed for sale in slave markets.  More than 500 people were murdered by ISIS when it took Mosul.  Mass graves containing over 1,000 Christians are known to exist in Syria and many other thousands have been murdered.  In Raqqa, churches have been closed and Bibles have been burned.

The report petitioned Kerry to “exercise his authority” under United States law to do the following:

“Take immediate, concrete steps ‘to prevent and punish’ the ongoing genocide of Christians, Yazidis and other religious groups targeted for extinction by ISIS and its affiliates in the territories controlled or attacked by ISIS;

“Declare that the State Department has sufficient evidence to include Christians and other minorities in a finding that ISIS and its affiliates have committed and are continuing to commit the crime of genocide;

“Collect and assist nongovernmental organizations in the collection of direct and circumstantial evidence that will document the crimes committed by ISIS against Christians, Yaizidis, Shia and Sunni Muslims, Turmen, Shabaks, Sabean-Mandeans, Kaka’e, Kurds, Jews and other religious groups in each of the territories ISIS controls or has attacked;

“Refer the evidence in its possession to the United States Department of Justice and to the United Nations Security Council for criminal investigations, and in proper cases, for indictment and prosecution of ISIS, its leaders, and its network of perpetrators or accessories, in an appropriated court, for genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes;”

“Seek funding from Congress to support the collection of forensic evidence, and for exploration of the legal issues that must be resolved if all nations of good will create and maintain a hybrid international criminal court with the authority to bring to justice those who have committed these unspeakable crimes.”

Kerry’s response was, “In my judgment, Daesh is responsible for genocide against groups in territory under its control, including Yazidis, Christians and Shia Muslims,” and he accused ISIS of “crimes against humanity” and “ethnic cleansing.”  (Daesh is an acronym of the Arabic name for ISIS.)

The question is, what will the Obama administration do with this?  More on this next week.