U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine begins on the right foot

January 24, 2013
Robert McDowell

At the Tulsa County Republican Mens Club meeting on January 9, the District Director for newly-sworn-in District One Congressman Lt. Cdr. Jim Bridenstine appeared and spoke on his behalf.  We had been informed that the congressman himself would be present, but as sometimes happens in those offices, there was a scheduling conflict.

During the lengthy election campaign, the Congressman had appeared a number of times to speak and each time it seemed that he had become even more knowledgeable about facts and issues.  This was particularly true about those where first-hand information was residing in my feeble memory.  Further, he seemed to be increasingly forceful in his statements of position on the issues and what to do to solve the problems.

Of particular interest to me in the statements of his spokesman was that every employee in the staffs of both the Washington and Tulsa offices were local residents of the district.  This, in itself, is a refreshing change of procedures from the majority of those in Congress who follow the “we have always done it this way” thought. Staff members, particularly in Washington, D.C., simply move from one member to another.  After all, those who are living in the district represented should be more familiar with the issues and have better ideas on solutions.  It also removes the suspicion of improper management.

Of course, Rep. Bridenstine has already made quite a name for himself in the halls of Congress.  In the minds of some of the “inside the Beltway” and Tulsa’s “inside the Interdispersal Loop” establishments, his actions have been deemed unacceptable.  This must be because they fear that he will not submit to their control and orders.  What a change of style, and in my opinion all for the better for those of us in the overtaxed and underrepresented rest of the population.

One commentator has already called him by a rather derogatory name, not to be used here.  It is my opinion that this sort of action and voting is what is so desperately needed  in the national, as well as state, capitol.  For far too long, there has been a policy of “go along to get along,” particularly among the newly installed.

Bridenstine began his career in office by being one of a very few who refused to vote in lock-step for the re-election of the Speaker of the House.  The speaker was duly elected to a second term, but it seems to me that having some, even if a small number, oppose his re-election just might wake him up and cause him to act in a manner more acceptable to those of us who follow the conservative line of philosophy.  At least we can hope that it will serve to stiffen his spine in his dealing with PRESBO and his Senate counterpart, Harry  Reid, D-Nevada, who has refused to even assign to committee the several budgets prepared in the House since the election of 2010 when the majority had an ‘R’ behind their names and Boehner became Speaker.

Our representative then on his second vote pressed the No button on the proposed bill to send more funding for hurricane relief.  He has stated that there was already funding approved in previous law that had not been appropriated.  With that explanation, he garnered my complete approval.  In that second vote, he was joined by the new Second District Congressman Markwayne Mullen and both have earned my approval in that.  It also has been reported that there is a substantial amount of “pork” in the bill, that is appropriations to pet projects totally unrelated to the needs for hurricane restoration.

Those idiots they are joining seem to be determined to bankrupt the nation and destroy the economy, thus rendering all of us slaves to their wayward ways.