Editorial: Under Trump, America has hope

After eight years of liberalism and departure from conservative values, President Trump made great progress in 2017 in unraveling the mess that Barack Hussein Obama created.

In immigration, Trump ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which Obama illegally set in place to thwart immigration laws.

Reversing an Obama policy against law enforcement, Trump will let the military give important equipment to local police departments.

Obama tried to embrace Communist Cuba. Trump has put back in place travel and trade restrictions. Global warming is a fraud. Obama signed the Paris “climate” agreement while Trump withdrew the United State support.

America needs to be energy independent. Obama worked hard to damage the coal, oil and natural gas industries. Trump is opening up offshore drilling and exploration in the Artic. This will really help America’s energy.

The Federal Communications Commission under Trump dumped Obama’s “net neutrality” policy and will be a great help to business on the Internet.

With Scott Pruitt as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Trump is quickly dumping bureaucratic regulations from Obama that did not clean the environment and that damaged economic development.

Obama’s “clean power plan” was just a sham for redistribution of wealth and the dismantling of America’s power grid and energy independence. Trump is undoing that harmful policy. While Obama tried to stop all drilling on federal land, Trump is reopening land to drilling, mining and development.

Obama promoted homosexuality and tried to force this social disaster on the American people. Trump has reversed Obama’s directive to force schools to let transvestites use girl’s bathrooms in school.

That was a great year and more will come in 2018.