Undermining the federal government essentially is a form of ‘civil war’

Over the years or decades, there has been unintentional or deliberate, misuse of terms to describe actions and events. Right now it seems to me that we have an actual Civil War underway in what has been labeled the “Swamp,” as well as out in the nation by those of the Communist/Socialist persuasion. Before going any farther, we should look at just what the term “civil war” really means. Basically it means war-like actions taken to overthrow a duly determined (in our case elected) and installed government or its officials. The term “revolution” could also be used if the intent is to replace the form of government with a different one. That could be applied at this time, except there has not been a publicly proclaimed agenda for that.

But even worse at this time is the situation in which public officials – whether elected, appointed or hired – seem so dedicated to an actual hatred of PRESDT or  they actually wish and intend to bring about an overthrow of our Constitution and bring about (depending on the desire of the individual, either a communist or socialist dictatorship or, even with some) the institution of Sharia Law. Any of the alternatives would be a complete disaster for both  the nation and its law-abiding citizens. In the case of Sharia Law, it would bring about a complete reversal of all the gains made by women in the last 200 years, since in that case they would be reduced to a state of virtual slavery, according to all we have heard.

It seems that in Congress, particularly in the Senate, the leadership, including committee chairs, will stoop to anything to prevent PRESDT from attaining his campaign promised changes. This in violation of the oath of office each has publicly taken to support and protect the Constitution and laws of the land. The same could be said for some of the judges that have been approved by Senate confirmation in the last 40 years, beginning with ex-President James E. Carter. Because the Congress during the Carter administration passed legislation to double the number of federal district judges – ostensibly because of a perceived case overload – Carter was able to appoint and get approved over half of those judges.

Another major source of the current problem is due to the Civil Service laws, which were shoved through an overwhelmingly Democrat-controlled Congress during the  first term of the FDR Administration (1933 -37). These laws make it a practical impossibility  to fire federal employees for failure to perform or disloyalty to supervisors, including the current administration.

My retired Navy officer son told me that on taking his first position of authority, he found that there were two civilian subordinates who steadfastly refused to carry out their duties. It took my son two full years to gather the necessary evidence to terminate the first one, so he just transferred the second one to be someone else’s problem. Before those laws were imposed, it was the accepted practice of all  appointed employees to submit a resignation upon the election of a new president, thus allowing him to appoint people who could be depended upon to carry out the programs of the new administration. In the current situation, there are still lingering in positions of authority and power holdovers who are loyal to the former management and who will stall and prevent, if possible, the changes desired by the citizens who voted for the newly elected management.

That, combined with the continuous stalling in the Senate, appears to me to be a true civil war, since there has been, so far, only one instance of actual shooting involved and that was a person loyal to the “change the form of government” movement mostly sponsored by one George Soros. It has been pretty well confirmed that he is a primary financial  sponsor of a number of protest movements which appear to be aimed at the overthrow of our current  administration and form of government.

So, the question becomes: what can we loyal and patriotic citizens do about it? Well, for one thing, we must take more time and effort to find out who is and who is not on our side. For another, we must extend every effort to return this nation to its Christian  founding roots. That effort should begin in the local school boards to weed out those who teach  other ideas. Then proceed on to the college level where almost the entire staffs, from  president on down, teach disloyalty and assaults on patriotism, downgrading those informed students who attempt to stand up for what they believe is right. It won’t be easy, but as written Jesus said: “Nothing is impossible for God.” I believe that and will keep my efforts up as long as possible!!