Unemployment figures rise in Oklahoma and in Tulsa

National figures are lower

Unemployment in Tulsa is rising, according to the latest figures from the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission.

Tulsa’s unemployment rose in September to 5.6 percent – up .2 from the previous month.

The unemployment rate for the State of Oklahoma was 5.2 percent, compared to a reported national rate of 5 percent. There were 1,720,140 people employed in Oklahoma and 95,271 looking for jobs.

In 2015, Tulsa’s unemployment rate was 4.2 percent and it has risen steadily ever month since.

In September, statewide seasonally adjusted employment declined by 9,064 persons (-0.5 percent), and unemployment rose at the same time by 3,016 persons (+3.3 percent). Over the year, seasonally adjusted unemployment grew by 17,491 persons (+22.5 percent).

Oklahoma’s seasonally adjusted nonfarm employment declined by 6,000 jobs (-0.4 percent) in September 2016. U.S. seasonally adjusted nonfarm employment increased by 156,000 (0.1 percent) in September. Over the year, state nonfarm employment lost 11,300 jobs (-0.7 percent).

In September, Stephens County posted Oklahoma’s highest county unemployment rate of 10.4 percent.

McIntosh County had the second highest rate for the month, while Latimer County reported the state’s third highest rate. Cimarron County claimed the lowest county unemployment rate of 2.8 percent.  Unemployment rates were higher than a year earlier in 76 of 77 counties and lower in one county.

Tulsa County has a labor force of 313,332 with 296,699 employed and 16,633 without jobs.

The U.S. Labor Department reported that Oklahoma City had the largest increase in unemployment over last year among large cities in the nation.

Unemployment rose 1.2 percent points over last year in Oklahoma City. In the past year, Oklahoma City has lost an estimated 3,400 energy jobs due to the drop in oil prices.

In the past year, Oklahoma has a net gain of only 300 jobs.