Letter to the editor: Unhealthy gay rights

Of course, we hear about “gay rights” on an endless basis. There is a health risk to those who engage in such sexual activity. Our Lord did not design the human body for such activities. If you play in the human septic system (sewer), there is great risk of disease and physical damage as well.

The major concern is, what about the health risk for those forced to be around people who are at health risk? In many cases, when you visit a doctor’s office or clinic, you are asked if you are a homosexual or are involved with those who are. If the answer is yes, the medical staff takes added precautions.

Aside from the medical circles, many businesses are not equipped to deal with the added precautions or expenses which are a result. And why should they be forced to? In my own case, I have served in military occupation services and worked in most U.S. states and 11 other nations. This has included work in medical facilities, academic circles and related businesses plus the military.

In the case of sleeping rooms and dorm rooms, it is awkward to have to wonder if you are secure in your bed. We need greater concerns for human rights and health.