Editorial: United Way and the Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America now embrace homosexuality, freely allowing homosexual boys in with the normal boys and permitting grown men who are homosexuals to be scout leaders and lead young boys into the woods for overnight campouts.

It’s a prescription for moral disaster.

Unfortunately, the Boys Scouts of America are one of the organizations supported by the United Way of Tulsa.

That pairing should make every Tulsan and every local business consider whether or not they should donate to the United Way this year.

Money talks. Some believe that the reason that the BSA has accepted homosexuality as normal is because of threats by big corporate donors to withdraw national funding unless the door was opened to homosexual scouts and leaders.

So, maybe by refusing to fund United Way and the Boy Scouts will encourage a reversal of that shameful policy. That is true for Camp Fire of Green Country, too.

Tulsa Area United Way does support some good charities, including Goodwill Industries, the Salvation Army and others. And the United Way sends no money to Planned Parenthood, the agency that pays for the aborting of unborn babies and then sells their body parts.

But caring Tulsans who support other United Way agencies but not homosexual scouting can give directly to those groups. Churches all over the country are canceling sponsorship of scouting because of this immoral heading.

Send a message to United Way to decline sponsorship of homosexuality and do it with your charitable giving.