Unlike years ago, Halloween is a dark holiday these days

Here is what Halloween’s become in America.

First, it’s about selling candy.

When our kids were little, they would wind up with a huge bag of candy – way more than they should eat for weeks. Sometimes we tried to solve this problem by buying the candy and then either giving it away at work or throwing it away. Needless to say, our kids didn’t have any problems with selling all those Jolly Ranchers for hard cash.

By the way, you have to be really cheap to give kids Jolly Ranchers for Halloween. I admit they are tasty, but all they are just flavored hunks of sugar.

Our kids would not sell their chocolate candy. No, sir. And they were pretty careful about checking how many candy bars were left, making it hard for me to swipe an occasional Kit-Kat bar. They wouldn’t “give me a break.”

When we buy Halloween candy, the trick is to buy enough so you don’t run out but not so much that you have a bunch left over that you will eat yourselves. We always give out some kind of chocolate candy, like M&Ms, mini-Snickers or Reece’s Peanut Butter.

We never know how many kids will knock on our door. I usually give out a handful of candy bars at first, thinking very few kids will come by. Later in the evening, I panic and give every kid just one candy bar. If they keep coming, I scour our pantry to see what I could substitute when all the chocolate is gone. And I also panic when I realize that we will not have any leftover chocolate.

If you really want to be mean, you turn off your porch light and as many interior lights as possible to deter kids from coming to your front door.

Secondly, Halloween seems like No. 2 to Christmas when it comes to spending money. All over Tulsa, special temporary shops open up just to sell Halloween junk. And it is junk.

People in neighborhoods all over town decorate their yards with some genuinely evil plastic that looks like ghosts, dead bodies, blood, spider webs and other dark images.

Zombie costumes seem to be very popular. It’s like people think it is cool to pretend it’s the end of mankind and the world.

And it really bothers me that so many people think that pumpkins are just decorations. Don’t they realize that you can eat pumpkins? They are food. That pumpkin latte from the convenience store probably has traces of pumpkin. But people use them to decorate and then let them rot on the front porch before they throw them away. What a waste. We grow pumpkins in our back yard and process them into delicious pumpkin pies and pumpkin bread that is out of this world.

Thirdly, October 31st is the most perverted day of the year in America. You can almost feel a sense of darkness when the sun goes down on Halloween. I felt darkness and foreboding part of the time that I visited Russia in 1997. I don’t like it. I would rather live in the light.

The homosexual crowd loves to dress up in their confused gender costumes and prance around in the open on Halloween. For some reason, men think it’s appropriate to dress up like women on Halloween.

It’s really bad when parents dress their little boys up in girly costumes. That’s a guarantee of years of therapy later on in life.

And people love to dress up like dead people on Halloween. They put caskets with fake bodies on their front lawns for the neighborhood kids to see.

They dress their little girls up like witches and they glorify goblins and evil spirits.

Isn’t there enough darkness in the world without celebrating it on Halloween?

Back in the 1960s, we dressed up like hobos and cowboys or Arabs or Indians. Now, most of those costumes would be politically incorrect and banned (although I bet the Halloween shops still carry some).

We steered clear of the evil stuff (there were a few witches) and definitely stayed away from the gender-bender costumes.

We didn’t spend a lot of money on costumes. If you wanted to be Casper the Friendly Ghost on Halloween, you got an old white bed sheet and cut two eyeholes in it.

You could always count on a bunch of candy corn in the bottom of your sack and it was pretty tasty (unless it happened to be left over from the year before – then it was hard as a rock). And you really didn’t have to worry about finding a razor blade in a candy bar back then. People just didn’t do that.

Modern Halloween is chance for people to publicly dabble in the occult and to give a nod to the evil side of life. That’s a shame. Halloween used to be a fun holiday that was safe for kids.