Editorial: Urination mess in San Francisco

Can the moral depravity in the City of San Francisco get any worse.

Yes, it can.

San Francisco has put in public urination holes. That’s right – public urination holes.

Men or women can urinate in public places now behind a half-screen that doesn’t really hide their nudity.

The Pacific Justice Institute, a Christian advocacy group, has filed a lawsuit to shut down these “holes in the ground.”

“PJI took on this unusual case because we don’t want the appalling spectacle of public urination to become normalized across America, “ wrote Pacific Justice Institute President and Founder Brad Dacus. “And no government—including San Francisco—should get to break the rules it imposes on everyone else.”

Because the public urination hole is so utterly non-compliant with the hygiene and disability access laws imposed on all other construction, San Francisco is attempting to say it is somehow exempt from such requirements.  San Francisco is saying this hole in the ground, with no door, no roof, no toilet of any kind, and only a half-screen partially surrounding it, is equally usable by women as well as men.

“Worst of all, those relieving themselves are visible to children playing in the park, walking by on the sidewalk or riding the adjacent public transit,” said Dacus. “No city should be allowed to spend tax money to promote public nudity and urination.  And no city should get to ignore all of the public health and access laws it imposes on everyone else.

“We’re not afraid to go into the heart of hostile territory to advocate for decency and the rule of law.  We’ve actually had a few victories in San Francisco in the last few years, and we think this has an excellent chance to be the next one.”

Here’s one more reason to not visit San Francisco and to keep young people and children far, far away.