Editorial: Vic Regalado for Tulsa Sheriff

There are a host of candidates for the office of Tulsa County Sheriff and Republicans will get to pick a winner in a special election March 1.

That GOP winner will face the lone Democrat candidate on April 5.

There seem to be a number of good candidates on the GOP ballot. The qualities you look for in a sheriff obviously include law enforcement but this job also involves running one of the biggest jails in the state.

A candidate needs to have supervisory experience in law enforcement and a keen business acumen to manage a large workforce plus budgetary concerns. A legal background is a plus.

Sometimes bankruptcy is unavoidable but it is a consideration for voters when picking a new sheriff. Divorce also speaks somewhat to a person’s character. But perhaps more importantly, a sheriff needs to be a person of great character and honesty. The sheriff answers to no one, really, and it is an office ripe for corruption, including favoritism, nepotism and embezzlement. The jail needs more audits. City officials need to work with the county in a less contentious manner. Deputy training needs to be thorough.

The new sheriff (who must file for a new term just days after the April 5 special election) has a big job ahead.

Former Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating and former Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris have endorsed Vic Regaldo. Those are strong recommendations.

Regalado seems to be one of a number of good choices.

The Tulsa Beacon recommends Vic Regalado for the GOP nomination for Tulsa County sheriff on March 1.