Editorial: Violating the First Amendment

Since 1973, pregnancy resource centers founded by sincere Christians have been started all over America to help women decide to deliver their unborn babies rather than put them to death in an abortion clinic.

Places like Mend Pregnancy Resource Center in Tulsa give medical care, financial assistance, child care training, employment help plus Christian counseling to thousands of women each year.

Many of the women are desperate and being told by boyfriends, parents, employers and even husbands that their unborn baby is unwanted and must be destroyed. An abortion goes against every natural maternal instinct and pregnancy resource centers are a special part of the salvation of these unborn babies and the well-being of their mothers.

Some California lawmakers believe otherwise. A new law, sponsored by California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris and NARAL Pro-Choice America, mandates that pregnancy resource centers – including those run by devout Christians – have to tell these troubled women how and where they can get an abortion. And they must disclose how to get free or low-cost abortion-causing contraception.

In other words, Christians devoted to saving the lives of unborn babies and helping their desperate mothers now must help them kill those babies in the womb, according to California state law.

Operators of the pregnancy centers are suing to block the law based on the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which provides freedom of speech and blocks government interference with religion. It takes effect January 1.

Given the liberal nature of almost all judges, those who would kill unborn babies will likely prevail. Here’s just one more reason to stay away from California.