Editorial: Vote for Joe Newhouse for SD25

Joe Newhouse is the only conservative in the race for Oklahoma House District 25.

Newhouse, a Navy veteran and a war hero, has a degree in international economics from Georgetown University. He speaks three languages. He was a jet pilot in the U.S. Navy and served on the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. He flew multiple combat missions during the Iraq War and earned the Air Medal. Newhouse later became a pilot instructor in Pensacola, Florida. Newhouse’s Christian faith is real and important to him. He and his family are active members of RiverOaks Presbyterian Church in Tulsa.

For three years, Newhouse was a field representative for U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine – perhaps the most conservative member of Congress. Bridenstine has enthusiastically endorsed Newhouse. Newhouse is a board member for the Coffee Bunker, an organization that assists military veterans.

Newhouse wants genuine reform of public education by increasing accountability for administrators and boosting career education. He won’t be a pawn of the teachers’ union.

Newhouse is an avid supporter of the Second Amendment and he will battle the federal government intrusion on state’s rights (as spelled out in the enumerated powers of the 10th Amendment).

Newhouse believes in the sanctity of human life and will fight legalized abortion. He is against raising state sales taxes.

His Democrat opponent is an outspoken progressive who wants to legalize marijuana and raise taxes for public education with no sensible reforms.

The Tulsa Beacon endorses Joe Newhouse on November 8. Tulsa, Oklahoma and America need conservative Christians like Newhouse who, like Jim Bridenstine, will stand on the principles that made our nation great.