Editorial: Vote for McCloud in District 67

The Oklahoma House has many conservative Christian legislators who work tirelessly to keep the state headed in the right direction.

Tom McCloud would be a great addition to that group.

McCloud is in a runoff election on August 25 against fellow Republican, attorney Scott McEachin.

For more than 15 years, McCloud has published Community Spirit magazine. That publication has done a wonderful job of covering the concerns of Tulsa’s Christian community. It has facilitated common efforts to promote Biblical values.

McCloud is not a politician. He’s not an attorney. He’s running because he feels God is giving him a call to service. He and his family have made sacrifices in this campaign and that will continue should he be elected.

In Oklahoma, candidates file as Republicans and send out mailers that they are conservative, they are people of faith and that they will serve those who elect them. Some elected officials – like U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine – hold to that campaign rhetoric. Other well-meaning politicians abandon those principles when they are forced into compromises.

Tom McCloud can be trusted, like Bridenstine, to do what he says he will do in this campaign.

Oklahoma needs public servants, not politicians who seek to feather their own nests.

That’s why the Tulsa Beacon again is enthusiastically endorsing conservative Republican Tom McCloud for the August 23 runoff election in State House District 67.