Editorial: Vote for Rep. Michael Rogers

Rep. Michael Rogers is the perfect state representative for District 98 in Tulsa and Wagoner counties.

Rogers, a conservative Republican, was an all-star baseball player at ORU. Then he served as a teacher and administrator for a Christian school.

Rogers is a successful businessman, an effective educator and a lawmaker who gets things done. Rogers is the vice chairman of the House Common Education Committee and serves on the A&B Education, Elections and Ethics and Insurance committees.

The practical initiatives Rogers has engineered include a bill to eliminating high-stakes end-of-instruction tests. Another bill gave flexibility to local school districts about teacher and administrative evaluations.

Add in incentives for teacher recruitment, The Oklahoma Schools Act of 2016, clarification of the Achieving Classroom Excellence Act of 2005, and others show a clear pattern of common-sense, conservative legislation being supported by Rep. Rogers.

Oklahoma is facing an historic budget shortfall and the state needs fiscal conservatives like Rogers to make sure that hard-earned tax revenue is used for the proper purposes. Rogers does not support the massive borrowing by the government.

Oklahomans want an end to abortion and Rogers is staunchly pro-life. Rogers is devoted to his Christian faith and supports the restoration of the Ten Commandments Monument at the State Capitol.

District 98 has some of the most conservative voters in Oklahoma and America. Most are Christians and adhere to Biblical values.

The Tulsa Beacon strongly endorses Rep. Michael Rogers for re-election in Oklahoma House District 98.