Editorial: Vote for Shelley Brumbaugh in D76

Shelley Brumbaugh, the wife of the deceased Rep. David Brumbaugh, is the best choice to carry the mantle of his outstanding service in the House of Representatives.

Shelley was a partner with David not only in marriage but in their business and also deeply in his political career.

David Brumbaugh was one of the most conservative and principled members of the House of Representatives and there is absolutely no reason to think Shelley Brumbaugh would not continue that outstanding record of service.

On August 8, Republicans in House District 76 will go to the polls to pick a candidate to face a Democrat in the November 14 special election. Brumbaugh faces five GOP opponents, some with good credentials.

But there is a reason why former State Rep. John Wright; Tulsa County Assessor Ken Yazel and Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb have wholeheartedly endorsed Shelley Brumbaugh.

They know she is the best person for the job and they are willing to stake their reputations on a public endorsement.

Add the Tulsa Beacon to the list of endorsements.

Shelley Brumbaugh majored in accounting at Northeastern State University, is a fifth-generation Oklahoman, and a two-decade resident of Broken Arrow.

She understands the challenges of advancing common-sense conservatism in a culture that seeks to expand government without much thought on how it affects the people in District 76 and the rest of Oklahoma.

Broken Arrow is one of the most conservative and Christian cities in Oklahoma and the nation. The Broken Arrow delegation in the Legislature is one of the most principled and effective in the state.

It’s time to replace a Brumbaugh with a Brumbaugh. The Tulsa Beacon endorses Shelley Brumbaugh in the Republican primary on August 8.