Editorial: Vote for Tom McCloud in D-67

The Oklahoma House of Representatives needs commonsense, conservative leaders with business savvy to navigate the state through tough economic times.

Tom McCloud is the right man for the job in House District 67 in South Tulsa.

McCloud is the founder and publisher of Community Spirit magazine, a unique Christian publication that has chronicled the achievements and activities of Christians throughout Tulsa for more than 15 years. District 67 is an open seat due to the term limits for Rep. Pam Peterson. Several fine candidates are running in this conservative district.

But McCloud has a unique set of qualifications and experiences. Before Community Spirit, he had business experience with Ditch Witch, John Zink and Midwestern Equipment.

Tom and his wife, RayeLynn, are members of Park Plaza Church of Christ, where he serves as an elder. RayeLynn is a fourth grade teacher at Jenks Southeast Elementary.

McCloud will fight to protect religious liberty and defend free speech. He wants better teacher pay and leaner administration costs for schools.

McCloud believes in traditional marriage and opposes legalized abortion. He wants a smaller, more efficient government and he wants enforcement of the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which clearly limits the power of the federal government over the states.

McCloud is a lifetime member of the NRA and supports the right to bear arms under the 2nd Amendment.

Thanks to term limits, Oklahoma has fewer career politicians and more citizen/legislators. That’s Tom McCloud’s aspiration – to serve District 67 for a few years and make Oklahoma a better place.

The Tulsa Beacon wholeheartedly endorses Tom McCloud on June 28 for the Oklahoma House and urges you vote for him.