Letter to the editor: Vote yes on SQ790 concerning the Ten Commandments

Last year, the Oklahoma State Supreme Court issued an opinion in Prescott v. Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission removing the Ten Commandments Monument.  Unlike in Federal Court, the Oklahoma Court provided an opinion that ignored any historical or contextual analysis, but was decided solely on the basis that because the monument had content important to Judaism and Christianity, it violated Article 2, Section 5 of the Oklahoma Constitution.

After review of the opinion, I realized a dangerous legal precedent was set for our state.  This precedent opens the door for numerous lawsuits by special interest groups like the ACLU, Freedom from Religion and even the Satanist groups against your state, your town, your county and even your school district for anything with religious content.

Resolving this issue is what is now on the ballot with State Question 790.

Voting yes on SQ 790 removes Article 2, Section 5 of the Oklahoma Constitution and is the best way of preserving Religious Liberty in Oklahoma.  SQ 790 does not simply accomplish a narrow goal.  While the Ten Commandments Monument is important, voting yes on SQ 790 will help protect all Religious Liberty in Oklahoma.

Voting yes on SQ 790 will overturn the court and remove from the Oklahoma Constitution the language outside special interest groups will use to sue your state, town, county and school district.

As I have gone around the state discussing SQ 790, I have heard many false arguments brought against it.  I would encourage you to not believe the lies from the ACLU, Freedom From Religion, Satanic Groups and other special interests groups who are telling you to vote no.

Passing SQ 790 will stop these groups from filing lawsuits against your town, county and school district.

Have you ever stood with these groups before?

Why stand with them now?

They falsely claim that if we have the Ten Commandments Monument, we have to have other monuments. Voting yes on SQ 790 will not allow a Satanic monument at the Capitol. (There is not one at any other State Capitol.) They point to one potential lawsuit, over the many they will eventually file.

Voting yes keeps “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance in Oklahoma.

Voting yes keeps prayers at public meetings.

Voting yes protects war memorials honoring our veterans.

Voting yes protects charities like the Salvation Army ringing a bell on Public Property.

Voting yes protects Medicaid, Medicare and Soonercare going to Religious based Hospitals.

Finally, voting yes on SQ 790 will move Oklahoma back to using the U.S. Constitution when deciding issues of religious liberty.

This is a battle that belongs to the people of Oklahoma! Voting yes on SQ 790 will help preserve Religious Liberty in this state.  For more information on how to vote, you can visit www.YesOn790.org.

Thank you and God Bless.