Voters need to investigate all the candidates and state questions

Now that September is here and 2016 is two-thirds used up, thankfully we are entering the last two months of the quadrennial elections to, in this case, replace an existing administration and replace or return one-third of the Senate and all of the House in Washington. Here in Oklahoma, 24 of the 48 state senators and all 101 of the representatives are up. Not to be excluded are numerous county and city elected officials. These so-called lesser offices should not be overlooked as they can and do have major effects on our well-being.

Also in Oklahoma, there will be a number of state questions on the ballot. This situation will require some real research on the part of voters if they want to cast an intelligent ballot that will help attain a desired result. For those not informed, these questions can be put on the ballot by the Legislature or by citizen petitions and can be for state statute or a constitutional amendment. My understanding is that only a minority of states have the petition method to get on the ballot.

Of course, one must have been asleep for two or more years to not know about the national election campaign, now boiled down to the two major party candidates, two lesser party candidates and one Independent. Discounting the outsiders gives us a choice between a continuation of the disastrous (and treasonous in my opinion) actions of the last almost eight years and the unknown from a successful business man who at least knows what conditions business needs to operate under and how to make a payroll. For me, the choice is quite simple and will be carried out fully.

Now, in the House side of Congress there is a bill, labeled HB25, which would bring about a massive change for the better for all of us. Maybe excepting those who are dedicated to the principles of Communism or Socialism (C/S). The actual title on the bill is not known to me, but it is for enactment of what is called the FairTax. This bill has been around, re-submitted every two years, for at more than ten years in my memory. My knowledge has come from a reading of a book with that title that on reading, I was convinced that this was the way we should go. As of August 19, there are 73 co-sponsors in the House, and probably some in the Senate. Here in Oklahoma four of the five congressmen, except U.S. Rep. Tom Cole, R(?) OK-5, are included in those 73.

If enacted it would take effect on January 1 of the year following repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment ratified February 3, 1913, which authorized the imposition of an income tax. It was sold at the time on the premise that it would only apply to incomes over $100,000 and only be 1 percent. We all know how that has bourgeoned to the massive mess and corruption today.

This would bring to an end the onerous IRS, after the seven-year statute of limitations on its necessary investigation and prosecution of cheats and crooks and collection of unpaid back taxes. It will take another time to completely explain the details of the proposed system. But it would remove all the taxes collected in the producing of the products we all buy and consume.

It would instead include a tax on all products, included in the price of the product, collected from the vendors by the state tax authority and remitted to the federal government. The result would be that the prices would stay the same or be reduced, and it could place some limits on the wayward spending now going on. Those living in House districts other than those mentioned in Oklahoma would do well to lobby their congressman to sign on to the bill to get it passed, with a veto-proof majority to get it installed yet this year.

And, as Senator Ted Cruz spoke at the Convention, “Vote, and vote your conscience.”