Voting fraud exists despite denials from the progressive news media

It seems that those of the C/S (Communist/Socialist) mentality, including a majority of the working press, not only will stoop to the lowest forms of campaign rhetoric but the use of outright lies or made up stories, presented as “news” during election campaigns but on losing, they refuse to accept the loss and continue their mean-mouthed and untrue or twisted statements about the victors.

And the beat goes on, and on, and on including those in the entertainment business who spout their attacks and lies from their stage or stadium. Frankly, it has become rather sickening to me to the point where the turn-off button is frequently used.

All this nefarious activity is, in my mind, totally improper for a supposedly civilized society, but then, maybe they really desire for the United States to descend into the morass of anarchy and utter chaos so that evil and brute force will prevail. Such was the case, in my memory, during the first part of the 1930s when Adolph Hitler and his Nazi brown-shirt militia were in the process of coming to and securing their power in Germany.

Thus we have shining examples of individuals and groups screaming loudly against the duly elected president. Further, the claim is made that the Electoral College should be abolished and said election determined by the popular vote alone. In this, the claim is made that our “democracy” is being subverted. That is a bold-faced lie. A reading of the U.S. Constitution and Federalist Papers will disclose this was the very last form of government intended by the Founders. They wanted neither a monarchy nor a dictatorship (from which they had just obtained freedom after much loss and bloodshed) or a democracy in which the majority rule is absolute to the detriment, or even death, of those in the minority.

The Electoral College was established, at the demand of several of the new “states” so that the more populous states could not capture elections, and thus work havoc on the well-being of the smaller states. It, in a way, mirrors the intent of having a “bi-cameral” Congress, in which the House is represents the population and members are elected from districts of nearly equal population. While the Senate has (or had until 1913 with 17th Amendment changed the selection of members) two to each state, by popular vote instead of the state legislatures (which it was formerly). It should be retained in all fairness.

But back to the current situation, where there is a cry to abolish the Electoral College because there were more popular votes cast for the loser than for the Electoral College winner. Media and others dispute the claim by President Trump that at least 3 million illegal aliens voted. Whether illegal or here legally, for an alien to vote is illegal. Nor do they have any of the constitutionally guaranteed rights, but are, if legally here, entitled to peaceful residence only so long as our Constitution and statutes are obeyed.

From my own experience, particularly when I was a party county chairman, it is certain that vote fraud exists, and in a rather large scale. Here we have names of dead people who voted in elections, due to the failure of election officials to properly purge the rolls, or vital statistics’ employees to notify the state election board, as is required by law. Another case occurred in the 2000 election where three couples came to me, as county chairman, afterward complaining that they were not permitted to vote, even though filing registration applications six months prior to the election. Referring this to state party, it was found that one desk in the Election Board office had a stack of applications not acted upon, and all were for Republicans. No word was received if action against the employee was taken.

There is much more, but space limitations force that to be later.