Letter to the editor: Vouchers are the answer for education

Want to find out the truth? Ask a retired teacher who has no fear of the Teachers’ Union from speaking out.

In addition to another career, I taught school for eight years and substituted, on and off for five years. Government (public) schools have been on life support for years, and we are cheating our children if we do not “pull the plug.” Believe me, there is almost no education in government (public) schools, regardless of how many new buildings, new microscopes and new computers we, as the distant public, see.

Other than private schools and home schooling, vouchers should be the answer.

Just why shouldn’t an inner city black kid get a top-notch education, if he and his parents can choose the school? Why hasn’t this been implemented so far? Because the socialist Democrats must have the money and the voting block they think comes with government (public) schools.

It is not an over-statement to say that the main things the government schools teach are socialism, atheism, and love for any type of abhorrent, immoral, sexual behavior.