Letter to the editor: Vouchers would help public education

It is noted that a teacher in Del City, Oklahoma, recently made comments on capitalism versus socialism. She teaches history. It looks to me like she is confused. She tells us, “Capitalism benefits some and leaves others out.” In other words, it “takes from the poor and gives to the rich.” We have heard this before, haven’t we?

Actually, it is socialism that takes from people who work and gives it to rich government and union groups. And they mostly look out for themselves. “If you don’t make waves, we will take care of you,” so they say.

It works like this. If a business does not take care of customers and their employees, the CEO will be fired. A business needs to take in more than it spends (paying suppliers, taxes, workers, etc.) and have money left over to expand and create more jobs. They must also pay back those who put in money to start the endeavor.

Last the fields of sports, music, entertainment, etc. Being a star may bring in a lot of money and success has its rewards. Success in socialism often leads to dictatorship.

How do we pay for better education, reward better teachers and provide vouchers to our nonpublic schools? Public education costs about $12,000 a year per pupil. With vouchers, we pay $5,000 and it saves the taxpayers and the Oklahoma Department of Education funds. There would be fewer students in public schools and this would allow for more rewards for better teachers. That looks like capitalism at work.