Wagoner Comm. switches parties

In keeping with his personal values and convictions, District Two Wagoner County Commissioner Chris Edwards has changed his voter registration to the Republican Party.

Edwards said that changes made to the Democrat Party platform during the last national convention prompted the switch. He feels the party platform no longer reflects his personal values.

A devout Christian and as a deacon in his church, Edwards has always been solidly pro-life and says that he has always supported limited government and lower taxes.  A veteran himself, he is also a strong advocate for the military.

Edwards’ original voter registration was for the Republican Party.

“I made the switch to be a Democrat at the request of a commissioner I worked for here and I just never switched back,” he said. “At that time, you almost had to be a Democrat to vote in Wagoner County.

“I have always been at odds with some of the things in the (Democrat) party platform, but I really have a hard time reconciling some of the things they are supporting now, especially their views on the family, with my Christian faith.”

He said he began considering the move when the crowd booed God at the last Democrat National Convention.

Edwards says he believes that the majority of the people in Wagoner County are much more conservative than are some of the more far-left in the Democrat Party.  “I think when they look at the two parties and what they believe side by side, they will see the same thing I did,” he said. “My values and beliefs really are more in line with the Republicans.  If that’s the case, I hope they will join me and make the move too.”