Letter to the editor: Wake up call for America to repent

It has been said that this election of 2016 is the most important election ever. This is true. America has long been engaged in a war from within to depose God, our Judeo-Christian roots and biblical worldview as the foundation for our nation’s morals and virtues.

Actively engaged and informed Christians (clergy and congregants) have been in a minority in this war which is a spiritual war. As a result of our elected officials’ unbiblical worldviews, our leaders lack moral common sense and courage to stand up for righteousness.

If Christians sit on the sidelines again, this election would catapult us into deeper darkness, thus increasing the deserved judgments of God. Public office holders and seekers call evil good and good evil so that this coming election will be a defining moment in our nation’s history.

Our options for selecting the persons running for office at all levels may not be the best, but we must choose leaders who will fight to turn us from our present destructive course.

As believers of Jesus Christ, we cannot sit out this election because we don’t like those on the ballot, but rather start with examining the party platforms to determine to what extent it lines up with the scripture. Then examine the individual candidate’s rhetoric and record of prior or present or not any former service to see if it lines up scripturally. Finally prayerfully choose those who will best represent the biblical values of our faith derived from God’s Word.

Longtime revivalist and historian, the Rev. R. O. Roberts, wrote: “Our Fathers believed God was offended by sin in its many forms in the lives of our citizens, by the presence of unconfessed corporate sins in churches and government. As a result, our Fathers regarded natural calamities as manifestations of His displeasure against sin so that earthquakes, fires, epidemics, floods, droughts, wars, riots, murders, rapes occurred to call us as a nation to fast, repent and pray for mercy and nelp From above.”

These are a wake-up call for us to cry out to God with repentant hearts and strong faith, focusing on Him Who is our Deliverer. May we boldly communicate truth and urgently persuade others to turn to God and exercise their sacred vote for righteousness.