Editorial: Want a home subsidy? Move DT

Having a hard time getting the city to subsidize your house, condo or apartment?

The solution is to move downtown, where city leaders gladly pay part of the costs – even for luxury apartments .

One example is the old YMCA at Sixth Street and Denver Avenue, which got “historic tax credits” to renovate private housing.

Another private group to benefit from taxpayers’ “historic tax credits” is renovating the Coliseum Apartments.

The liberal Tulsa World, a big promoter of taxpayer subsidies for private Downtown projects, got a huge tax abatement for a $15.5 million renovation of the Palace Building.

It’s nice to have friends in the city government.

And the liberal media.

And in what other parts of Tulsa is the city using public dollars for private housing and business centers?

This is a clear example of government picking winners and losers. Thanks to the Tulsa Chamber and some elected officials, Tulsa voters were tricked into spending tens of millions of tax dollars into redeveloping Downtown.

This was done while streets and bridges were deteriorating at a rate faster than they were being repaired.

East Tulsa, West Tulsa and South Tulsa have suffered through waterline problems, sewer problems and traffic snarls while the city pours money into luxury apartments downtown.

Did you know the United Nations in its Agenda 21 calls for cities to enforce densification? That’s where private houses are discouraged and people are herded into central apartments to be more easily controlled.

Everyone should be glad when private dollars are invested in Tulsa, even in Downtown. It wouldn’t be good for Tulsa for Downtown to dry up and blow away but it’s is patently unfair to subsidize housing for some Tulsans at the expense of others.