Warrant amnesty plan

The Tulsa County Court Clerk’s Office is announcing a canned food drive amnesty to remove Failure to Pay warrants.

During the period between November 20, and November 22, individuals can have their Tulsa County failure to pay warrant recalled when they bring in a bag of at least 10 nonperishable items and structure a new payment plan.

The food donations are solely for the benefit of the Tulsa Area United Way and the Tulsa County Court Clerk’s office will deliver the donations on behalf of participants.

“During this holiday season, we want to help both those individuals who have fallen behind in their cost and fines payments with the courts and help our neighboring families in the Tulsa area as well,” said Don Newberry, Tulsa County Court Clerk. “This is one way that we thought would help both at the same time.”

The cost administrator can be reached at 918-596-5461.

Those with failure to pay warrant can come in to the cost administration desk within the Court Clerk’s office during the amnesty period of November 20 and November 22 from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. and bring at least 10 nonperishable items. Individuals can look at their case file at www.oscn.net.

The cost administration desk is on the second floor of the Courthouse at 500 South Denver in the Court Clerk’s office.