Editorial: Waste of money, waste of time

Here is a colossal waste of time.

Mayor Dewey Bartlett and city councilors are holding public meetings to get “feedback” on how Tulsa will spend an upcoming sales tax increase. History shows that almost always, these projects are predetermined in smoke-filled rooms by minions from the chamber and their council puppets.

These public meetings are simply window dressing, a show for the liberal media and a way to make unsuspecting citizens feel like they have a voice.

First, it is very presumptive for city officials to think that voters will approve .6-percent sales tax increase but these public hearings try to sell that premise.

Maybe Tulsans will reject this $300,000,000.00 a year sales tax increase, like they did the river tax a few years ago. Opposition is already building.

A better approach for the city would be to trot out the plans set in stone by the chamber directors and then try to convince the unwitting voters that they need to pay through the nose for them.

The people want their streets fixed. The chamber wants museums. The people want good tap water. The chamber wants water skiing on the Arkansas River. The people want development somewhere other than downtown. The chamber wants subsidized apartments downtown. The people want reasonable zoning laws. The chamber wants planiTulsa and dense housing downtown.

Is there at least one councilor with enough integrity and honesty to say “the emperor has no clothes?” Apparently not. Instead, they gin up these phony-baloney public hearings and pretend to incorporate the submitted ideas.

Please vote no on whatever new tax plan they come up with.