Editorial: We can have a cleaner planet without more taxes for Americans

Who doesn’t want a clean planet?

The recent United Nations summit wants everyone to believe that taxing Americans and stifling our energy production will result in a better world.

The dirty little secret is that America does more to keep the planet clean that any other modern nation. The U.N. plan is really more about wealth redistribution than keeping the planet safe.

If our government were foolish enough to agree to the U.N. scheme, there are no real guarantees that other nations would live up to their bargain.

China has one fourth of the world’s coal supply and their pollution is so bad that their capitol is almost unlivable. A little in China would have much bigger impact than a lot in America but that’s not going to happen.

India is another big polluter. That nation won’t do anything to damage its industry.

Climate change is the biggest scam of this century. While terrorists target Americans here and abroad, President Obama calls climate change “our biggest threat.” That shows either great ignorance of the facts or general disregard for the lives of Americans.

The oil industry in Oklahoma has spent millions cleaning old drilling sites. The EPA has forced Americans to burn a multitude of gasoline blends to save air quality. California has some of the highest emission standards in the entire world.

Obama wants a carbon tax to rob Americans of their wealth and spread it around the world. He is using climate change as an excuse.

Americans are better at keeping the environment clean than anyone else. Congress needs to emphatically reject any schemes hatched by the United Nations.