We expect a brighter future in 2017 thanks to a new president

Hear we go with a whole new year, starting with a fresh slate and daily calendar. There is valid reason to feel optimistic for the future of our nation, and as a fall-out, for the entire world.

The results of our just-past election seem to already be having some fallout on the management of several other nations in the world, both friendly and at enmity. Since the United States is arguably the most powerful (financially if not militarily) nation, what we do has an effect on the rest of the world, so it is even more important that we have our act in order to set the example of how things should be run, if nothing else. It has been 27 years since this has really been the situation, and things have deteriorated substantially, and not just in the Middle East.

We have a new administration preparing to take over on January 20, God willing. Its leader has been more energetic, and seemingly thorough, in evaluating those candidates to come onto the staff. Some of those already announced give me reason to feel confident that the next four years will see some substantial changes in the operation and size of the federal government, much for the better. After all, the leaders of other nations will respect those who act with confidence, assurance and dependability. Further, the leaders of Islamic-ruled nations really have little to no respect for the leaders of others who happen to be female, and will do whatever they wish regardless of what is right, honest or truthful. It is in their “law” (Sharia), which must be obeyed.

It was really refreshing last month to hear that the P.E. (President Elect) was making remarks about the “excessive” cost of some new B-747s on order to become used as Air Force 1. The published reports have not been clear (in my mind) and I don’t think those issuing them really have the true story. It has been my understanding that there were four of the existing 747 planes equipped to be used in that service and that the call sign Air Force 1 was only used if the president was aboard. Also, if the vice president is aboard, the one in use becomes “Air Force 2” and policy dictates that there will never be a time when both are aboard.

That is an indication that maybe the future will have a scenario when the government purchasing agents will actually negotiate prices for items, of any sort, to be purchased. It has for far too long been the practice to just order items and accept whatever the vendor chooses to charge, especially if there is a cozy relationship among the individuals making the deal. Hopefully, and to be expected, the new administration will be more businesslike in dealing with all vendors and thus vastly reduce budgets and the need for more taxes. For far too long, the attitude is to demand more and more without regard to the cost and ballooning size of government personnel. As a very successful businessman, “Trumper” will put the squeeze on those buyers and achieve greatly reduced spending, as well as personnel numbers.

No actual set of numbers of government employees has ever come to my attention, and it is my feeling that there is no one person who has even a clue as to an actual census of such. If we don’t know how many, how can they be logically, sensibly or honestly managed. It seems certain that there are substantial numbers doing nothing but collecting a salary and benefits and building a very cushy retirement.

I do not seek an administration position, but would consider such as secretary of Energy, with the primary goal being to “terminate all, sell the furniture, shut and lock the doors, and turn in the key.” Even at my age, that is a job I would tackle with vigor and determination!

In any event, it seems that the future is much brighter than it seemed one year ago. May any benefits resulting be felt by any and all reading this.