We expect things will be better with our new president in 2017

Now that we have reached the end of the year A.D. (Year of our Lord) 2016, it is time, as normally done, to take a look back at what has happened, what we may have learned from those things, and how they will affect us in the new year about to begin. Certainly the ending year has been one of a number of major actions and incidents that may have a major influence on the way things happen in the future.

We have been subjected to a continuous barrage of mean-mouthed and outright false accusations on the part of nonparticipant entities in what to me has been the most contentious political campaign in memory. There has been, in my opinion, far too much name calling by the candidates and totally false statements on the part of major media. It has been pretty obvious that the bias of said media is vastly in favor of the Democrat candidate.

Unfortunately, far too much of a majority of those voting rely totally on those sources for their only  news  and vote accordingly. In addition, there were the actions of the administration in allowing a large invasion of alien individuals illegally here to vote anyway.

It was fortunate that candidate Trump had stirred up so much energy in some who had not eagerly voted before that the illegal vote numbers were overcome. It is truly unfortunate that those charged with enforcing the laws have seen fit to disregard these activities and ignore – or had not the resources – or refuse to prosecute the perpetrators.

It is my opinion that if some aggressive actions were taken and severe penalties executed, it might put fear in others contemplating such action and so make our  legal votes more effective.

It seems to me that if those “never Trumpers” would have acted earlier in their lives to prevent or reverse the move to “open” primaries, and limit the candidate selection process to those active in the party, a different outcome might have occurred. As it is, it may have been a good thing, since he was able to activate and motivate tens of thousands of registered voters to action, and thus has truly earned his nomination and election to the office of president of the United States.

I still am convinced that the selection of candidates should be done by so-called party regulars who actually have put time, effort, and/or money into the party activities and life. In that way, the party would rise or fall on the selection of candidates and outsiders who may switch registration to influence the outcome of candidate selection would not be involved.

In the meantime, there is still two weeks’ time for the outgoing administration to throw a monkey wrench into the works before the actual change takes place in January. A number of possible scenarios have been put forth from different sources including, but not limited to, a declaration of martial law, which would put aside the inauguration and keep PRESBO in place, an attempted assassination of Trump or even rioting to force the use of military (National Guard) troops to bring about peace. Hopefully, none of the possibilities will occur and the United States will once again, as has happened every four years since the end of the first term of George Washington, have a totally peaceful transfer of authority to the properly elected administration.

All in all, there is valid reason to look forward to 2017 with confidence and optimism. Mr. Trump has exhibited due diligence and deliberation in the selection, so far, of those he intends to nominate for top positions in his administration.

From personal knowledge, I am very pleased with his selection of the Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to be director of the EPA. He has far exceeded my expectations in office and will probably bring  sanity to this out-of-control and overbearing bureaucracy that has brought so much added cost of living to all of us.

May you enjoy a most happy and prosperous New Year!