We live in a dangerous world that doesn’t seem to be getting better

Most of us, at least those over 50, were taught in school about the Barbary Pirates that operated out of Tripoli (Libya) in the 18th – 20th centuries. Yes, they preyed on merchant ships, capturing them and demanding ransom money for their release. They were not reported in history to have been the murderous butchers now evidenced by the ISIS thugs. They were put to a stop by a U.S. president who dispatched the Marines to shut them down, hence the words in the Marine Hymn: “From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli…”

Well, some things we were not taught included that they were followers of Islam and were using piracy to make a living after the slave trade was shut down.

It was disclosed to me some years ago that those operating the slave trades, including the ships to bring the slaves to England and the United States, were Muslims from North Africa who later became the Barbary pirates. Sounds logical from information we have received about the dictates of the Quran in dealing with “infidels” to recruit, enslave, tax heavily, or kill all such people.

Now, in 2017, it seems that they have risen again as the headline in the daily paper as of March 15, on page A-4 read: “Somali pirates hold oil tanker, crew” with a sub-head reading: “A ransom demand is expected in first such seizure since 2012.” The only by-line is Associated Press.

The story stated that a statement from the European Union Naval Force had finally made contact with the ship’s master (captain) aboard the Aris 13, flagged in Comoros. These pirates had been kept out of operation by navies of NATO countries, as well as China, India and Iran.

NATO ended its anti-piracy mission off Somalia in December. So much for “keeping the guard up.”

It is fairly easy to understand the motives behind these pirates. Somali is, like many nations in that part of the world, a very poverty-ridden nation and this is a way to generate income, despite it being risky and uncivil. In my memory, the only incident of deliberate murder during pirate action was some decades ago when pirates captured a cruise ship and promptly rolled overboard a U.S. citizen who was in a wheel chair. This ship was reported to have a crew of only eight, all from Sri Lanka, thus being an easy prey for the reported over two dozen raiders. The story indicated that the ship was being operated under contract by a company officed in the United Arab Emirates. Thus we have a situation of Muslims taking on Muslims.

All this should further point out that no matter where we are we all live in a very dangerous world with it being necessary to each be aware of what is going on around us, and be prepared to take evasive or defensive action at any time. But then we should by now be aware of the situation even here in the United States, where violence can raise its ugly head at any time and in any location, even our own homes.

It seems, if continuing reports from sporting goods merchants are accurate, that an increasing number of our citizens have gotten the word and sales of guns and self-defense courses are enjoying a booming economy.

All this despite the continuing loud attacks in legislatures and courts against the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment for us to “keep and bear (carry) arms.” Almost every state has statutes limiting that right by the requirement of having a permit to be so protected.

My concern of those is that a wayward government would go first to the lists of these permit holders in their quest to confiscate said protective arms.

In Oklahoma it is, if my understanding of the laws is correct, required to have any firearm in a vehicle unloaded, with the ammunition in a separate place from the weapon.

An unloaded weapon, of any sort, is no defense at all. It is my opinion that those laws are unconstitutional and those enacting them should be prosecuted.