We must vote correctly in order to pass on our nation’s heritage

We are now getting down to the final weeks of this overly long presidential campaign and, just as a number of us have expected, the Clinton supporters (including the lap-dog national media) have resorted to the “politics of personal destruction.” This has been going on since my earliest memory on the part of media and Democrat Party officialdom and elected office leaders. Notice some of the past pronouncements of Senate Minority leader “Dingy” Harry Reid, D-Nevada, and House Minority leader “princess” Nancy Pelosi, D-California, who said about Obamacare, “We have to pass the bill so we can know what’s in it.”

Actually, they really aren’t able to help it, since if they, including PRESBO, were to tell the real truth, their defeat would be of landslide proportions. This despite, in my observation, their determination to win by massive vote fraud. Note, in 2000 with the mess in Florida, it later surfaced that over 15,000 absentee ballots from military personnel deployed overseas were never counted. If they had been, that whole uproar would not have occurred.

Actually, it was my often-stated opinion that it was good to have ‘The Donald’ in the primary race because he would liven it up so as to attract much more attention, away from the other side. Part of the reason he turned out to rather handily win the nomination was because in a number of states, the Republican Party officials decided to open their primary to everyone, regardless of registration. Happily, those in Oklahoma refused to, although the Democrat officials did so.

On that issue, my grandfather, T.H.W. McDowell, a staunch, lifelong Republican and journalist, remarked that the advent of primary elections was the beginning of the end of our republic. The years since have convinced me of the accuracy of his prediction. Those active in and supportive of the party should be the ones to select candidates, and take the consequences of or accolades for their choices.

Now we have two primary candidates: Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump. She has a long record of misconduct in office, even has been named a “unindicted co-conspirator” in past crimes – non-indicted by recommendation of the head of the FBI and conspiracy with William J. B. Clinton to let her off the hook for misdeeds as Secretary of State. Her speaking manner is so offensive to me that the channel is changed or mute button pressed when her picture appears.

While Senator Ted Cruz was the second best, it may very well have been the best thing for the United States that we have the alternative of Trump. Much of the citizenry are totally tired and disgusted with the existing elected leadership in Washington, as well as resentful of the intrusiveness of the hired bureaucracy (protected from firing) into our lives.

As a result, there is an attraction to him because he is a true outsider from the establishment that has so long been taking our nation to a lower level. Thus, it may have been a real necessity to have him as a nominated candidate. The recent media ballyhoo over a statement he reportedly made on a sleaze TV show 12 years ago simply points out the opposition’s failure to have any true issues to stand on. He will not back down from such attacks as he has seen them before. He has submitted a list of possible candidates for the Supreme Court that are far more acceptable to those of us who cherish the Constitution than the ones Mrs. Clinton’s husband and later boss have nominated or placed there. Hopefully he will continue to stay on issues.

In short this is a “must” situation if we are to be able to pass on to our followers the truly wonderful nation and society handed to us, in my case 90, years ago.

I have voted!